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Whole Grain Homes is a project of father and daughter

My name is Violet. In 2003 I went to university to study Philosophy and made my home more than halfway across the country. As a symbol of his support, my father started to send his very own hand carved spoons to me. Each spoon was unique and shaped according to the direction that the wood took him. When I found a way to share his work, the brand was born.


We live more than 1500 miles apart now, but he continues to send me packages bursting with unique hand carved wooden pieces. I now augment the collection with handmade pure linen textiles and unique pottery. 


Our collaboration now supports both him and me and Whole Grain Homes has become a way of life for us, fulfilling our ideals to be ecological and sustainable while supplying handcrafted unique homewares to people who love them. 



craftsman and his daughter
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