Medium serving bowl, handmade using sourdough technique. Sourdough pottery (also known as leaven pottery) is a clay pottery making technique which emerged in medieval Northern Europe where people used to bake bread and fire pottery in the same kiln and used sourdough leftovers to decorate the pots. Sourdough is prepared by mixing the whole grain rye flour and water. This mixture should be prepared at least five days before the firing proccess this allows the mixture to ferment which is crucial to achieve the patternation. The pottery is heated in a wood-fired kiln and dipped into sourdough mixture before cooling. This specific process results in unique patterns, texture and colors, different every time. The technique is organic and eco-friendly. This exclusive pottery is also suitable for cooking, baking on ember at the cottage, or in an electric oven at home.
Please note that the price above is per one item.

Every item is one of a kind and the pattern of it might be slightly different from the one in the picture.
Bowl measures 9.3" (23.5 cm) across. 10 cm height.
Hand wash only.


  • Handmade by Elena Aleksejeva

Medium serving bowl. Ø 9.3" Sourdough technique.