Hand carved of maple. Great for eggs, salad, pasta.

Length: 12" (30.5 cm)

Head size: 2.2x3.5" (5.5x9 cm)

Our wooden cooking utensils can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.


  •   wash by hand using scrub pad in the grain direction
  •   don’t dishwash or leave it in water for extended periods of time
  •   pat dry with a cloth and let air dry
  •   oil once a month with your favorite oil
  •   rub with a slice of lemon if any strong flavours have seeped into the wood

Every item is one of a kind. Thoughtfully designed and handmade of precisely selected wood. Hand carved following the shape of each piece of wood. Our products are mainly made of fruitwood such as apple, pear, plum and cherry. But we also try different types of wood like maple. Maple is light and pale. It holds a finish well, whether originally oiled it acquires a lovely silky sheen over the years. We use organic flaxseed oil and beeswax for perfect finish.

Shipping: normally it takes 1-2 days to UK. 3-7 days to Europe. 3-7 days to US. 5-14 days elsewhere.


  • Hand carved by Stasys Dambrauskas

Hand carved strainer spoon. Maple.

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